The West Creek High School golf program is an up and coming team that looks to place their mark on West Creek Athletics. Headed by 2nd year coach, Aaron King. 


This group is very new to the game of golf, but their dedication and drive to get better has formed a sense of resolve and motiviation for the team. 


This is the largest golf team that West Creek has ever fielded. 


"Watching these guys progress every single day is an absolute honor. They are dedicated. They are hard working. And they always come to practice with a purpose. It took some time to get to where they're at, but they keep getting better each day. This offseason, we have a some guys who will be looking at taking the next step in their golf game and hiring a private coach. I can't wait to see their improvement in the offseason. I think this team has the potential to send a few guys to the Region Tournament."  

- Coach King