KMS Art Club

Students will be creating art that requires them to believe in themselves and their ideas and to be able to
listen to and follow directions consistently. Students will create works of art that give them a chance to be creative on alarger level than a normal art class and that will ask them to create in a quicker and more personal setting. Students wanting to participate in the KMS Art Club need to prepare the following to be considered for approval:

1. A minimum of 3 artworks for teacher viewing, 2 of which much be original.
2. Parent consent by signature, phone number or email, and any reason that you feel your student should
be in the KMS Art Club.

I am an artist who wants students that truly desire to learn and create to join the KMS Art Club. I want to give young, aspiring artists the close training and observation that is not always possible in the classroom and not affordable at home. I want this to be an enjoyable learning experience that allows your young artist to become a better, more experienced, more knowledgeable artist. This club will meet on Monday and Wednesday.